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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) came into force on May 25th 2018.  It's purpose is to ensure that organisations have strict policies and practices in place for managing and handling personal data. In light of the coming changes in data protection regulation, we have been conducting a full audit of our processes. To view our latest GDPR regulations, please Click Here.

Below is a condensed list of steps that Finesse have taken to ensure all data we hold is secure.

General Data Protection Regulation

1. Finesse are unique in the way they produce online orders. Every image is stored on our secure, in house server. Only when the username and password is entered does the proof image become available to view. Images are never uploaded until the parent’s request to place an online order.
2. Our server is located within our secure laboratory; this includes grilles to all doors and windows, electronic fob entry and is monitored through Redcare’s alarm system.
3. Our images are not stored on any cloud based software.
4. When your parents wish to view and order their child’s photograph they log in using a unique username and password, consisting of 16 letter/numbers. At which point, a HTML page including their image is compiled and emailed directly.
5. Access to personal data is protected and only available to key staff members.
6. Finesse are fully registered with Data Protection Services. Notification number Z2649266.
7. Finesse take privacy seriously and will only use personal information to administer our customer’s accounts and provide the products and services they have requested.
8. Direct to home orders are dispatched containing no relatable order information. All order details are kept in our secure laboratory for support queries only.
9. Finesse website includes a secure SSL certificate.
10. Hard copies of all sensitive data are stored securely within the laboratory and shredded after support use.
11. Personal data / Digital image removed if requested in writing.  

We have also updated our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, these can be found below.

Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions.

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