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  • Why do I have to pay postage after the return date has passed?
    All orders placed before the return date (Both online and through the school) are processed together and delivered back to the school in one batch. All orders after this date are processed and posted individually thus incurring a postage and packaging charge.
  • What is our postal address?
    PO Box 112 Porthcawl CF36 9DX
  • The return by date on my proof card has passed, can I still order online.
    Yes, we keep images available online
  • When will my order arrive?
    If you have selected direct to home shipping your order will normally be delivered within 3-5 working days however please allow 10 working days in case we're really busy. Gift items are dispatched separately and should arrive in a similar timeframe. If you have ordered to collect from school your order will arrive with the main school batch, within 5-20 working days after the closing date on your card.
  • Can I order a different size?
    As our system is automated we can only produce the sizes available on our webpage. If you required a specific size why not order our digital download! You can print this at any size as many times as you like.
  • Can I change my order?
    Unfortunately we can't change online orders however depending at which stage your order is, we may be able to cancel it.
  • I can't purchase a digital download of my group photograph
    Unfortunately we are unable to offer digital downloads of group photographs.
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